About Us

Striving for a Sustainable Way of Farming.
The story of Luntiang Republika Ecofarms started in July 2011 when what seemed to be providence, an opportunity presented itself when a close friend invited us to acquire a small patch of land. After years of looking, we finally found what we had in mind.

In less than a year’s time, we have transformed the once lush jungle into a collection of fruit/indigenous trees and vegetables patches carpeting the land. They are all grown naturally without chemical fertilizers and pesticides. While we wanted to retain the natural environment as much as possible, we have slowly added livable spaces and essential comforts to make the stay as blissful as can be.

The farm is still a work in progress but is slowly transforming into what we envision it to be. We would like to think that we are artists and the farmscape is our canvas.

Our Guiding Principles

“Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of the future generations to meet their own needs”

  • We do adhere to a greener and sustainable way of farming. That means our farm still lets nature do its job, but we also innovate to improve the way we grow our plants, raise our livestock, and manage our waste.
  • FAIRNESS to our workers is important to us.
  • Managing our wastes is another practice that we put in our farm. REDUCE, REUSE & RECYCLE are not just for show.
  • We want to maintain BIODIVERSITY because we know that they are part of a healthy ecosystem that will help our farm.
  • We want the Catmon River flowing alongside our farm to be clean so we do our share by keeping it tidy.
  • Our farm is a place for children and families to be educated in the ways of taking good care of the ENVIRONMENT, learning the dignity in hardwork, living simply and enjoying what nature has to offer.
  • We see to it that we can spread our message to all other people for our sake and for the future generations.

Meet Our Team

Eduardo Ballesteros Cleofe
President and CEO
BS Agricultural Engineering (UPLB), MBA (Ateneo Graduate School of Business), Organic Agriculture Production NCII (TESDA)
Team Member
Jane De Roxas Yambao
Agritourism and Administrative Officer
BS Agricultural Entrepreneurship (Cavite State University), Organic Agriculture Production NCII (TESDA)
Sandy Aure Payad

Crop Production Officer

An experienced farmer who doubles as a handyman in the farm.

Team Member
Lanie Aure
Agritourism and Housekeeping Assistant
Team Member
Rechiel Boneo Cuerdo
Production and Product Development Officer
Diploma in Industrial Production (IIRT- National College Science and Technology)


A sustainable integrated organic farm that will lead the way in enabling those engaged in agriculture to live better lives.


To be recognized as a working model for sustainable integrated organic farming.


To be organic agriculture (OA) certified

To be good agricultural practices (GAP) certified

To be an agri-tourism site that will make people appreciate farming, enjoy nature (DOT)​

​​​To be a venue for creative thinking (arts and culture)​

To be a place where people can learn and experience natural and healthy lifestyle (health and wellness)

To be a catalyst for the development and strengthening of the organization of organic producers in Cavite

Come and Experience the Place

Here at Luntiang Republika Ecofarms we will let you experience how it is to live in an integrated and diversified organic farm. Be close to nature, breathe fresh air and just relax.