Growing Cherry Tomatoes in the Greenhouse

Cherry tomatoes in salad greens are among the most sought after by salad enthusiasts and it fetches a relatively good price compared to the ordinary varieties often seen in markets. 

However, growing tomatoes in general during the rainy season is a challenge among farmers and gardeners here in the Philippines. Tomatoes are quite intolerant to the very wet conditions. So to skirt this limitation, I decided to put them in pots inside my improvised greenhouse. I used a potting medium of combined carbonized rice hull (CRH), coco dust, vermicast and aged them in combination with my prepared bokashi before use.  The bokashi should not be used directly as it produces a lot of heat and will damage the roots of the tomato seedlings or any seedling. 

I germinated them early August and I am expecting it to flower in a week’s time. and hope that they give me a good harvest.

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