Pet Soap

Bath time with our canine (and/or feline!) companions can be quite the ordeal. We want only the best for them, and giving them baths is one way we can demonstrate our love. We want them to be free from ticks, fleas, and other harmful parasites.

That’s exactly why we brought our puppies to the river beside the farm to give them a good wash and cleaning. We started off with a rinse, and topped it off with our handcrafted pet soap bar. We then let them swim in the river to rinse it all off.

The soap is made with madre de cacao and virgin coconut oil, with the madre de cacao giving it anti-parasite, as well as fur and skin protection properties. The virgin coconut oil makes it safe for the dogs – some of our puppies even licked the soap off, and they seemed to enjoy it! It isn’t just safe for our companions – it’s also environmentally friendly, with no harmful chemicals.

We all want the best for our pets, and we believe that the best is always going to be all-natural. You can order Luntiang Republika’s pet soap here.

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