We practice farming that provides for our needs, farming that is sensitive to the environment, and farming that transforms communities.

Luntiang Republika Ecofarms

Luntiang Republika is a sustainable and eco-friendly farm. The farm aims to promote a greener and healthier lifestyle by growing organic produce and providing an educational and recreational space for visitors. The farm utilizes natural farming practices, such as crop rotation and composting, to maintain soil fertility and promote biodiversity. The farm uses renewable energy sources, such as solar panels, to power lighting and a portion of the irrigation system. Luntiang Republika also offers guided tours, workshops, and other activities to educate visitors about the importance of sustainability and the benefits of organic farming. It is a perfect destination for anyone who wants to learn about sustainable living and appreciate the beauty of nature.

Luntiang Republika Ecofarms

Food & Wellness Products

Be delighted and nourished by our range of delicious traditional artisanal food & wellness products that are processed and packed using mostly carefully chosen ingredients from the farm and our partner farmers.

Beauty and Homecare Products

Use our personal care products such as handmade soaps and massage oils that uses farm available ingredients. Household products including polish from beeswax and odor neutralizing sprays are also available.
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