A sustainable way of farming

We practice farming that provides for our needs, farming that is sensitive to the environment, and farming that transforms communities.

Come and experience farm life, learn to care for the environment, feel the joy in working the land, live simply and enjoy what nature has to offer. Only at Luntiang Republika Ecofarms.

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Luntiang Republika Ecofarms in Alfonso, Cavite is an organically certified farm. Once a lush jungle, it underwent transformation into a collection of fruit-bearing and indigenous trees. Vegetable patches now dot the landscape, all of which are grown naturally without chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

The farm is just a relatively short drive away from Metro Manila with several access roads leading there coming from various points of entry.

Accommodations and spaces have been added to the farm to make the stay as blissful as can be, without compromising its natural beauty.

Come and experience what the farm has to offer.

Luntiang Republika Products

Our Products

We offer a wide range of food and quality personal care products that are derived from natural sources, quality guaranteed. You will surely be back for more, so give our products a try!

Come and Experience the Farm

Here at Luntiang Republika Ecofarms we will let you experience how it is to live in an integrated and diversified organic farm. Be close to nature, breathe fresh air and just relax.